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Be my Valentine

The day of love @avasu_jewelry
I will always love you - and this is particularly evident on Valentine's Day. Red roses, the finest chocolates, sparkling sparkling wine and a sparkling piece of jewelry: February 14 is considered the day of love around the world and AVA & SU provides perfect gift ideas for Valentine's Day.
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Different countries, different customs - Love all around the world
While it is mainly men in Germany and the USA who give their adored flowers, chocolates or jewelry for Valentine's Day, we are fascinated by other customs from other countries. This is how couples in Italy meet at bridges to secure a castle with common initials. In China, couples give fruits to Zhinu (deity of love and unity) on Valentine's Day, also known as Qixi, in order to be given a happy future.
Love goes through the stomach - that's why Japanese take the initiative as a matter of course and give their loved ones chocolate to express their feelings. In return, they hope for a present a month later, on March 14, the "white day".
Scandinavian countries also come up with something special on Valentine's Day. On "Heart Day", as it is called in Sweden, lovers give wine gum hearts to each other and symbolize their affection. Danes send small gifts to each other completely anonymously. The recipient must guess their sender. Then instead of red roses, there are bouquets of flowers with snowdrops.
As different as the customs are, they all have one thing in common: they combine heart-warming romance, devoted love and intimate affection.
From AVA & SU with love ...
In addition to flowers and chocolates, jewelry is perfect for a perfect declaration of love. Whether graceful and feminine or puristic and edgy - AVA & SU has put together the best gift ideas.
Play it safe and surprise your loved one with a little sparkling attention. A filigree necklace or a pair of beautiful earrings from AVA & SU will put a smile on your beloved one's face and let their femininity shine again.
And in the event that you are the one who is to be given a gift - a subtle reference to our online shop should be enough to make it clear that you would like to have a charming piece of jewelry from AVA & SU ;-)
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And now enjoy browsing, shopping, giving and being happy. We wish you an unforgettable Valentine's Day in romantic togetherness. #avasulove