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#We stay home: Style Up

Fashionable trends for more fun and friends

Use the unexpected leisure time in your own four walls as precious and creative as never before - and always think of the right accessories. You can find out which piece fits best and when from our #webleibenzuhause styling overview.


Remove, rearrange, put away. With the beginning of spring we also start off colourful. Muted tones and black are hardly used anymore (exception: the little black!). Instead, we let our apartment shine (finally again) flowery and bright. But also in our wardrobe thick woollen sweaters and cardigans are cleared further and further back or into the cellar. Instead we are looking forward to dresses, skirts and airy materials with tropical patterns and prints again.

Sets Laurel Spring


Turn the radio on - and feel the moment. Singing, dancing, jumping - nowhere else can you devote yourself to the sounds and beats of music as much as at home. In addition, streaming services like Spotify offer us the possibility to browse for new playlists. We discover some new hits as well as titles that have long since been forgotten - but we have many fond memories of them ;-)

Earrings Symphonia Spring


It's no secret: Each of us follows at least one foodbogger or has at least already entered hashtags like #healthyfood #foodlover or #soulfood. Now we finally have the time to cook and try out all the dishes that have been on our bucket list for quite some time.

Chains Omega Spring


An evening in undisturbed togetherness is pure romance. You should also make yourself beautiful for your partner at home. Jewellery such as elegant necklaces and earrings will make you feel more feminine and sensual than ever - and your partner will also notice the sensuality. #purepassion

Set Swan Silver Spring


Fitness mat out and off you go! Yoga, Pilates and Co. are waiting for us. Right now we should pay attention to our body. "Treat your body like a temple" is the order of the day. Because not to forget: after the quarantine is before the summer holiday - and at the latest then we wish that everything is in shape!

Earrings Cleo Spring

Finally, we wish you and your loved ones all the best. Take good care of yourself and get through this time healthy. #We are still there for you in our online shop and deliver directly to your home! #stayhome