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Seen@ itsaboutelly

Elisa "Elly" fascinates on social media with her versatile style inspirations and talks in an interview with AVA & SU about fashion, photography, and of course jewelry.

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Stylisch on the road

With more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, the influencer from South Tyrol always inspires us with versatile inspirations around the topics fashion & beauty. In an interview mit itsaboutelly she told us that one thing should never be missing - and that is jewelry!
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Im Interview mit Elisa

Since when do you do Instagram?
I started doing Instagram a few years ago. But at the beginning only with a private profile and "just for fun". I have been active as an influencer for about two years and since then I have been cooperating with several companies.
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Your channel contains many fashion & beauty inspirations. How would you describe your style?
I love the versatility. Casually cool, fashionably elegant, or girlishly playful. Depending on the mood and occasion I create new looks every day. That's why I feel very comfortable in both casual outfits and elegant styles and like to share my #ootds (Outfit of the Day) with my community.
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How important is jewelry to you?
Jewelry is very important to me in each of my styles. Especially earrings should not be missing. It hardly ever happens that I leave the house without jewelry.
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You wear our AVA & SU Pieces in gold. Would you describe yourself as a gold fan?
I am a total gold fan. Gold radiates warmth and elegance and just suits me That's why the jewelry of the LAUREL line caught my eye. I like the playful yet simple design.
Besides fashion, beauty, and jewelry: what other hobbies do you have?
I particularly enjoy photography. Especially here, in my home country South Tyrol, you can find countless hotspots, which I capture with my camera :-) I also like to go hiking and I love to travel.
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