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Simple, classy and refined: elegant layering

Elegant Layering:

Combine the jewellery from AVA & SU
and create your personal #LookOfTheDay
In accordance with the motto "More is more", several chains are combined with each other in layering . Which and how many chains are matched is up to you.
However, you should be careful not to overdo it. Because too many chains can lose their effect.
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The Golden Rules of Layering

Despite the great freedom, strict rules also apply to layering, which every fashionista should adhere to. Especially when it comes to jewellery, every wearer should pay attention to contrasts, i.e. the more feminine the jewellery, the more urban or tougher the choice of outfit should be. The same applies in reverse: the more feminine the styling, the larger and more unusual the pieces.
Styling tip: So-called style-mixes are an absolute must-have.
Therefore combine shorter chains with longer ones and wear them on top of each other if possible. This way every chain works and signals a well-considered styling.
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The effect of statement pieces

Extravagant pieces are an absolute highlight and are THE eye-catcher - especially for earrings, creoles and co. According to this, combinations of statement earrings and lavish necklaces work in the rarest of cases.
Extravagant pieces are and are THE eye-catcher - especially with earrings, creoles and co. Earrings such as OLYMPIA harmonize perfectly with the short, fine link chain of the OMEGA.
Earring Olympia Gold

Quality is worth (more)value

The trend towards inexpensive fashion jewellery is becoming less and less. Instead, influencers, but also fashion-conscious women are increasingly investing in high-quality jewellery made of gold and silver. Although they are more expensive to buy, but because of the high (material) quality - and with correspondingly good care - one has long-term pleasure in uniquely beautiful pieces.