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Looks of the AVA & SU collection

Let yourself be inspired by current jewelry trends and discover your personal look using our style guides:

Jewelry Collection CLAIRE: Subtle Minimalism

The filigree necklace CLAIRE and the matching earrings SYMPHONIA are the stylish all-time favorites of the AVA & SU collection! Inspired by the classy casualness of Scandinavia, the pieces of jewelry fascinate with their discreet, elegant look, which nevertheless has that certain something. Whether for casual basics or striking key pieces: the simple, minimalist design fits a wide variety of fashion styles and is suitable for every occasion. With the puristic jewelry set made of 925 rhodium-plated or gold-plated sterling silver, you will perfectly underline each of your outfits and you will always be stylish on the go. Together with the SYMPHONIA earrings, the necklace CLAIRE sets subtle accents and provides a cleverly unobtrusive eye-catcher.

Jewelry Collection LAUREL: Playful Boho-Chic

Add an exclusive Bohemian touch to your outfit with the filigree jewelry set LAUREL! The refined play of shapes and the finely crafted accents of the pieces of jewelry result in a playful jewelry design that delights with its elegant esprit. With the necklace and the earrings LAUREL made of 925 rhodium-plated or gold-plated sterling silver, you will set an exceptional eye-catcher that looks classy and feminine and ensures a sophisticated style. For your own distinctive wow-looks, you can also combine the necklace LAUREL with the earrings CLEO, which also go perfectly with it and will make your appearance stand out. Let yourself be inspired by the laid-back Hippie Boho vibes that these unique jewelry pieces spray!

Jewelry Collection OLYMPIA: Glamorous Statement

The pieces of jewelry of the OLYMPIA line fascinate with clear elements that ensure a subtle, powerful appearance thanks to their sophisticated staging of shapes! The puristic design with the intertwined circles results in an elegant It-piece à la Scandinavian Chic. The filigree necklace and the extravagant hoops are made by hand and reflect one thing above all: pure glamour. The aesthetically shaped, yet simple design fascinates again and again and skillfully underlines your personality. Show who you are with the jewelry pieces OLYMPIA! With the jewelry set made of 925 rhodium-plated or gold-plated sterling silver, you make a fashionable statement and ensure a stylish wow-appearance.

Jewelry Collection OMEGA: Classy Casualness

Puristic and edgy, yet discreet and unobtrusive: With the OMEGA necklace and earrings made of 925 rhodium-plated or gold-plated sterling silver, you are timelessly on trend! The clear play of shapes of the jewelry collection reflects the lightness of Scandinavian fashion and inspires us with its classy casualness. With their minimalist design, the pieces of jewelry are ideally suited to be combined with other pieces of jewelry from the AVA & SU collection and thus to create a stylish, unique layering look. Perfect for multi-faceted fashion styles to fall in love with! The filigree pieces of jewelry of the OMEGA line enhance each of your outfits and skillfully underline your passion for beautiful jewelry.

Ohrringe Kette Omega silber Look

Jewelry Collection SWAN: Stylish Extravagance

The extravagant pieces of jewelry of the SWAN line fascinate with their exceptional design and skillfully attract everyone's attention! The elegantly curved jewelry collection is precisely crafted in elaborate handwork and impresses with its puristic aesthetics, which exude the coveted Nordic simplicity through a sophisticated staging of shapes. With the noble necklace and the glamorous earrings SWAN made of 925 rhodium-plated or gold-plated sterling silver, you give your look that certain something and ensure a classy style upgrade of your outfit. The outstanding jewelry pieces of the SWAN collection amaze with their fashionable individuality and expressiveness and are an absolute must-have not only for fashionistas and trendsetters!

Jewelry Collection VENUS: Modern Elegance

With the shimmering pieces of jewelry from the VENUS collection, you give your appearance a feminine elegance and you make your outfit shine! Filigree pearl look and unique design are skillfully reflected by 925 rhodium-plated or gold-plated sterling silver and make the beautiful jewelry set a stylish, fashionable accessory. The aesthetic jewelry pieces are perfect for any occasion and, with their timeless Nordic simplicity, provide an unmistakable eye-catcher. For an extra portion of glamour combine the VENUS necklace with the matching earrings – and you will perfect your style in a precious way. With a classically elegant look à la VENUS you are always en vogue!

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