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Quality & Care

Manufacturing – More than just first-class product quality

Unique designs, impeccable materials and strict quality controls are important factors in the manufacturing process of our collection. That is why from the beginning we only work with jewelry manufacturers who, like AVA & SU also attach great importance to optimal working conditions, fair pay and social responsibility as well as protecting the environment.

Since the jewelry in our collection is lovingly finished by hand, our factories carry out several quality controls during the manufacturing process. In this way, a consistently high quality standard can be guaranteed, which can be seen in the filigree shimmering play of shapes and can be felt when wearing the piece of jewelry.

Material: High-quality for you

Brilliantly beautiful jewelry - just like the first day you wear it. A promise from AVA & SU to our owners. For this reason, we use high-quality 925 sterling silver for our collection, without additional processing of nickel.

To ensure the shine and quality of our jewelry in the long term, every silver jewelry is provided with a rhodium plating. This wafer-thin layer protects the piece of jewelry from tarnishing and provides a radiant shimmer for several years. We refine our golden jewelry with high-quality multiple gold plating, which gives our jewelry an elegant finish.

Product care and storage: For long-lasting pleasure

Even if rhodium-plated or multiple gold-plated sterling silver is optimally protected from tarnishing, external influences can influence the shine and shimmer of the piece of jewelry. To prevent this, the following rules should always be observed:

  • Protect the jewelry from high humidity (especially in the bathroom or in the kitchen)
  • do not put the jewelry in direct contact with creams, perfumes and other cosmetics
  • remove the jewelry before exercising, showering / swimming and going to bed
  • after removing the jewelry, clean with a dry, clean cloth
  • keep the jewelry dry, preferably in a closed container

Polish right: The right cleaning for sterling silver

In principle, many different methods are recommended to clean jewelry made of sterling silver. Among other things, silver cleaning cloths and care baths are suitable for cleaning the piece of jewelry. Experience has shown that a jeweler can help you or clean the piece of jewelry for you.