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About us - AVA & SU

Clear forms and high-quality materials – AVA & SU embodies Scandinavian design with elegant boho details. Minimalist aesthetics are reflected in the pieces made of 925 sterling silver and are very popular with the wearers. Many of the designs in the AVA & SU collection are handcrafted in an elaborate manufacturing process so that quality and individuality define every single piece of jewelry.
Inspired by the minimalist architecture, purist fashion and simple Scandinavian interior design, AVA & SU has turned to the pioneer of minimalism: jewelry. The collection, which at first glance appears simple, contains sophisticatedly staged forms and lines and uses high-quality materials. The pieces of jewelry are optionally made of gold-plated (plated) or rhodium-plated 925 sterling silver.

Ohrringe gold simple chic

The Inspiration of AVA & SU – Runway meets Streetstyle
Those who think of Scandinavian fashion rightly associate it with clean shapes and cuts, muted colors with elegant esprit and a minimalist overall look that is hard to beat in terms of flawlessness. From the runways of Copenhagen and Stockholm to sensational haute couture shows in New York and Paris: Scandinavian interpreted fashion is more sought after than ever.
The same applies to Scandi Jewelry. The mix of minimalistic details and unique expression is considered the fashion trend of the century. Discreet and reserved, on the one hand, edgy and unconventional on the other is what makes jewelry from the far north so desirable and provides cool casualness that so inspires us.
The almost effortlessly elegant design is now mastered not only by famous catwalks. Increasingly, the hip style is also spreading to the streets of Amsterdam, London, and Milan. Celebrities and influencers show the way and combine Nordic jewelry pieces with urban street style.

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AVA & SU: Scandinavian Chic
Always in tune with the times, AVA & SU presents jewelry trends à la Scandinavian Chic. Noble, minimalist, timeless. The design of the collection appears clear and reflects the lightness of Scandinavian fashion.
Refined plays of form give the necessary extravagance and ensure a sophisticated look. Furthermore, quality plays an increasingly important role.
Buy less, choose well (Vivienne Westwood) – In line with the trend, quality is becoming increasingly important. AVA & SU also puts high quality before quantity and makes jewelry from first-class sterling silver. The subsequent rhodium-plating and plating process (for gold jewelry) refines the pieces and ensures a special shine and unmistakable wearing comfort.

Kette Swan bicolor scandi Style

In the fashion scene, haute couture, in particular, has devoted itself to the trend and for some time now has made use of countless designs from the boho squad. Well-known international fashion magazines present the (combination) variety of the Boho on several pages.
For fashionistas and trendsetters an absolute must-be: striking statement pieces. Unusual, puristic forms give the pieces of jewelry, in addition to the Scandinavian simplicity, a touch of hippie charm and underline the individuality of the wearer.
Layer it clever! Layer it clever! Combining several necklaces with each other is a gifted fashion trend, which will be a big hit again this year. But the more unusual the layering, the more classic the outfit should be. It is not for nothing that Nordic beauties with theirClean Chic principle are so well received. The same applies to make-up: the more natural the better!
AVA & SU jewelry flatters the wearer's femininity with natural looks and gives her a portion of fashion-conscious boho flair.

Ketten Ohrringe Venus bicolor Boho

Live the Diversity of Elegance – AVA & SU
The special feature of the AVA & SUcollection is quickly explained: each piece of jewelry has been designed to fit your style and outfits completely unobtrusively. Whether it's a first-class business look, elegant evening dress, stylish party outfit or casual style - with AVA & SUjewelry you can spice up your outfits and create discreet eye-catchers as well as a fashion and trend-conscious appearance.
Precisely because pieces of jewelry with clear shapes and simple details suit every woman and every occasion, minimalist jewelry is probably the evergreen among jewelry pieces. Let yourself be inspired on our homepage and find your It pieces, à la Scandinavian Chic with a hint of Boho.

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